Digital Marketing Strategy for Realtors in 2022

Real-estate in general is termed to be a competitive market, having its fair share of profits and losses. Through the ever-changing technological breakthroughs, the real estate sector has undergone a significant upheaval in recent years. The recent epidemic has further strengthened this drive to develop the modern, digitized, and better real estate business model that we now see and experience. Due to this competitive and intensive scenario, real-estate marketing needs some of the most innovative and efficient digital marketing strategies to sustain and reap success in the long run.

Ever since the pandemic, social and digital media have risen up in popularity owing to the huge reach it garners. More than 60% of agents responding to a survey believe social media is crucial than a website for marketing. By using social media platforms, more reach and visibility is brought upon the property.

Let us see some of the quintessential and powerful marketing tips for boosting a real estate agency’s strategies and reputation, which will help us to target the ideal consumer and audience effectively.

1. Social Media Presence

Social media undoubtedly is a place where you can easily find and interact with your target audience. Brands with great social media presence often earn a much better credibility than others. People use social media not only for entertainment but also for infotainment. Your audience want to see and connect with your brand’s culture, lifestyle and popularity amongst their peers.

While selling real estate one needs to sell a lifestyle, luxury, comfort & experience, and not just the property.

The realtor has to give the buyer the feel and experience of the lifestyle in the property. This can be done so by describing it in a realistic and holistic manner. Adequate marketing towards this aspect can contribute to rising sales in the agency. Ads can be targeted to the audience on this experience

Upload real-estate property videos to sites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to spread the word about your social media approach as widely as possible.

Giving more importance on building engagement through contests, polls, Q&A Sessions, posts, stories will definitely bring about increased trust and credibility amongst the buyers. Include pertinent hashtags in each of your social media postings to drive more traffic to them. Research the hashtags particular to your location and niche in addition to the usual ones like #real-estate and #housing.

Running targeted and personalized ads about the real-estate surely gathers a following for it.

Here’s a list of social media ads that can help you get more leads and site visits for your property.

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Reach and Brand Awareness

With this approach you can reach more people within your targeted location and create brand awareness about your under construction, upcoming and live projects for sale.

Lead Generation & Calls

With these particular ad objectives on Facebook & Instagram, you can gather information about your prospects through the lead forms or get more enquiry calls respectively.

This gives your audience an opportunity to connect with you and enquire more about your ads.

WhatsApp Messages

In regions other than Europe, you can also choose WhatsApp messages as your ad objective to get more enquiries and leads. this can be a very good option if you do not have dedicated sales team and want to filter the queries.

2. Create a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is a business listing platform by google. Listing your business can give you good visibility and credibility whenever someone in your business location is searching for keywords related to your business, product or services.

Needless to say, queries from GMB are more filtered than any other platform since these queries are raised by users who are already searching for your products or services on google.

3. Google Ads for Real estate

Google Ads are a proven way to boost your sales and conversions. You can run search ads on google focused on keywords related to your property, location and amenities. This gives you an opportunity to rank on different positions within the Google’s search engine result page. With Google search ads you can get more website visits, collect enquiries or get more calls.

Over 25% of people click the first search result on google. Source: SEO Journal

4. Property Listing Websites

List your property on different property listing sites like OLX, 99acres,,, Real-estate India etc. These websites are good for SEO and visibility, you can get outstanding genuine leads. You can also opt for their paid plans and run ads on these platforms.

5. Email Marketing for Real estate

Launching an email marketing campaign can definitely prove to be useful and viable in the long run. Mails have a direct reach to the specified buyer, without outside interferences. It is a very valuable tool to also stay connected with potential buyers and past clients.

Email marketing can also be touted as the best digital marketing method for realtors, due to its high click through rate of 3% and email opening rate of 27%.

Once you have gathered enough leads through your overall marketing campaigns, you can choose to retarget through compelling email campaigns. in the case of dearth of data you can also choose to buy data based on demographics, age, location etc.

Mailchimp, Getresponse are some great email marketing tools to begin with.

6. Creating Virtual Home Tours

One of the first steps of property buying in recent times include viewing the space through virtual screens, called virtual home tours. By creating virtual home tour films, it gives the visitors the impression that they are actually strolling around the house and surely makes your property listings stand out. Videos provide the chance to show off the inside of the house in a thorough and creative way. This has helped boost real-estate marketing in recent times.

Hence for a real estate professional, the above strategies will prove to be helpful and useful. It is also required to be adept at the upcoming situations in the real-estate space, and to be adept and strong in one’s marketing and selling practices.

7. Recognizing and keeping up with the latest trends

In today’s real estate market, there are various trends that emerge to suit the needs of the buyers. In order to keep track of such changes, staying on top of latest trends and ideas will prove to be a great asset to the real estate agency.

8. Networking is an advantageous tool!

Connect with nearby great realtors. They will prove to be helpful during the course of the real-estate business. Half of the real-estate business thrives on networking and making real connections. A realtor can obtain exposure to companies in the city and region by networking with colleagues in the real-estate field. Additionally, networking might help one find new leads. Networking can also provide with access to important resources and information as well as new trends in the real estate industry.

Attending industry gatherings and events is one of the the best methods to network. These gatherings are a fantastic way to network with industry peers, exchange ideas, and pick others’ brains. Social media like LinkedIn are some essential online communication tools for networking.

9. Targeting your Ideal Audience

When one is marketing real-estate, it is also very important to know the target audience. Once the target audience is identified, appropriate marketing strategies can be employed to obtain the highest reach possible.
The audience can be varied in their choice for choosing a real-estate and there are various factors that are associated with it. If say, a person is residing in a hill station, he would prefer a real-estate which can sustain in the hilly terrain. Residential property can be very different from commercial property as well. Hence it is essential for a realtor to know the geographical features and also the commercial features in general. This will prove to be beneficial to the audience.

Real estate marketing can be a task when it comes to the 360° digital marketing. If you are seeking for professional help, Decan Media is one of the best creative marketing agencies which provides solutions like web designing, digital marketing, SEO & PR.

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